Learn How To Cook Delicious Food

Hungry Girl 300 Under 300: 300 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Dishes Under 300 Calories by Lisa Lillien provides three-hundred recipes for full-sized meals that are healthy as they are delicious. Recipes include breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes plus appetizers and sides. And here's the kicker: each easy recipe only contains three-hundred calories or less! These recipes allow you to use supplies already in your kitchen such as crock-pots and foil packs. Look forward to guilt-free Creamy Crab Cakes Benedict, Buffalo Chicken Wing Macaroni & Cheese, and Big Apple Butternut Squash Soup.

Academy-Award Actress, avid foodie, and mother of two Gwyneth Paltrow shares a delicious collection of recipes and beautiful photographs celebrating cooking for family in a tribute to her father entitled My Father's Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes Celebrating Family & Togetherness. As a young girl, Gwyneth cooked and ate with her father, Bruce Paltrow, and she developed a passion for food that shaped how she belives cooking goes hand in hand with family togetherness. In her book she discusses how she balances healthy food with scrumptious treats, how she involves her children in cooking, and offers a glimpse into her life as a daughter, mother, and wife. This book includes 150 recipes and meal ideas that will inspire readers to cook delicious food with those they love.

Heidi Swanson shows readers an easy way to eat naturally and healthily in her recipe collection Super Natural Every Day: Well-loved Recipes from My Natural Foods Kitchen. Swanson has introduced us to less-processed foods and taught us how to incorporate nutritious and great tasting food into our diets. This book shows you how to pack meals with nutrition by providing nearly 100 natural recipes that are delicious and good for the body. With gorgeous illustrations, you can look forward to cooking Sweet Panzanella, flaky Yogurt Biscuits, or Rose Geranium Prosecco. Swanson makes eating healthy look and feel easy.

Angie Dudley gives the inside scoop on a new irresistible mini treat that is sweeping the dessert world in their recipe book Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats. Through Dudley's blog, cake pops have become an international sensation. Want to learn how to prepare these cute little cakes on a stick? Cake Pops is the book for you. From simple shapes like decorated balls to more ambitious shapes such as ice cream cones, cupcakes, and baby animals, these delicious treats are the perfect alternative to cake for any celebration. This recipe collection provides clever tricks and tips for presentation, decorating, dipping, and melting chocolate.

Eric C. Westman, Stephen D. Phinney, and Jeff S. Volek have combined their expertise in their book, New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great. This book takes a new take on the exhausted traditional Atkins Diet by simplifying it and making it more satisfying. It teaches you how to learn how to eat the wholesome foods that will turn your bodies into fat-burning machines. It was created with your goals in mind so it allows you to eat healthy yet delicious food with balance and variety. The New Atkins allows for flexibility so that it can remain a part of your busy life. After incorporating this book in your life you not only will get rid of the pounds but you can keep them off for good.

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The 101 on Architects and What They Do As Explained by an Architecture Firm in Chennai

Few genuinely understand who an architect is and what their responsibilities are. To this end, an architecture firm in Chennai answers some of the commonly asked questions.

What is architecture?

An art and a science, architecture is the field that designs buildings and places where individuals can work, live, play, and eat.

Who is an architect?

A person trained to plan and design spaces that can be occupied by people is an architect. They are also licensed to create functional areas. Generally, their work encompasses everything, i.e., creating the concept of the building to constructing the design into reality. The principal role of an architect is to bring to life the vision or dream of a client while ensuring the requirements of those who will occupy the space.

On what projects can an architect work?

An architect can design and build anything, including:

  1. A small room addition to a home
  2. A massive hospital
  3. A college campus
  4. A residential complex
  5. A commercial building

Do architects have construction knowledge?

One of the obligations of an architect is to keep the well-being and safety of occupants a priority which means a rudimentary knowledge of construction is vital. Because an architect participates in all phases of building, i.e., from conception to opening, they require practical information on construction. Though it should be noted that architects are not meant to be experts on building, it is why complex projects necessitate collaborations between architects and engineers.

A quick method to finding out if a person is an architect or not is to find out if they have construction knowledge – those who don’t are most often designers and artists.

What are the roles of an architect?

As stated above, the job of an architect is all-encompassing. They play a crucial role in each period of the project’s construction. From the time pen is put to paper to draw the building till the time the ribbon is cut, architects oversee the project. Sometimes, even after completion architects continue to work on the project. This is usually to develop the area surrounding the building or to keep it in good repair.

The key responsibilities of an architect can be divided into three legs:

  • Design:

This phase initiates when a client hires an architect to create drawings of an idea they have and want to turn into reality. Designing requires:

  1. Creativity on the part of the architect
  2. Immense technical knowledge
  3. Responsibility to achieve both

While designing, the architect has to keep in mind:

  1. Compliance with building regulations and safety rules
  2. Local planning and construction restrictions
  3. Laws connected to preserving historical buildings or local environment

Continuous meetings with the client occur during this stage and the architect calls on board engineers, designers and financiers for further planning.

  • Documentation

There are three subdivisions of this stage:

  1. Capture the design of the building on paper
  2. Create detailed drawings of the project that showcase every inch of the building
  3. Test the feasibility and practicality of the model utilising software such as CAD

This step of the job requires constant revisions and redrawing because:

  1. The client might ask for changes
  2. The first design is beyond the budget
  3. Regulations require tweaks to the design
  4. The proposal shows practical problems

After the design documentations have been finalised, a second set is created. These are known as construction documents and are used by builders and contractors during the construction. Construction documents include:

  1. Instructions to workers
  2. Technical specifications
  • Construction

This leg of the project is the actual building part. The role of the architect, at this point, entails:

  1. Site visits to oversee the construction
  2. Signing off tasks and works
  3. Negotiating with contractors for best deals
  4. Finding a solution to any issues that come up

Differentiating between civil engineer, architectural engineer and an architect

  • A Civil Engineer & Architect

A civil engineer is also included in the planning and designing of a building, but their work is to concentrate on majorly:

  1. Ensuring that the structure is safe for people
  2. Guarantee that the building can weather extreme conditions
  3. Make certain that it can endure every-day wear and tear

In comparison, the architect focuses on:

  1. The aesthetics of the structural work
  2. How the building looks
  3. How it feels
  4. How it functions.

Once the architect has produced the structure of the building, it is the job of the civil engineer to analyse the integrity of it. If there are issues, the civil engineer advised on modifications that make the design more plausible and practical.

  • An Architectural Designer & Architect

An architect has to pass a registration exam to be licensed to work. It is similar to a bar exam that lawyers need to clear. An architectural designer doesn’t need to pass the same registration test. Therefore, an architectural designer is not licensed and deals with just the design end and not the construction side of the project.

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How to Find Video Game Companies That Are Hiring

If you’re at present looking representing a career in capture on tape game development, decision a job is single of the hardest parts of the process. Sure, education was tough, and building your portfolio was annoying, but in point of fact landing a job as a programmer, designer, or even a tester is relentless. To start with, you declare to deal with minder competition in the industry, and not all job openings are publicly advertised as developers strive to keep assured projects under wraps.

However, near are amounts of ways to look representing major publishers in your genre of option past simply inspection the classified ads.

Online Ads and Postings

If a project is not secret or if a publisher is simply annoying to swell its operations, you can retrieve job postings on broadcast boards. These are the hardest to become, however, as they require you to depart up not in favor of the chief chunk of competition. Generally, you’ll declare the nearly everyone providence with these listings if you live in a publisher minder area like southern California.

Duty Services

Some jobs depart straight to hiring services with the aim of will screen candidates in advance. These services will operate discretion to sort through applicants, retrieve individuals with interconnected skill sets and resolved them up representing interviews. Of track, you ought to join these job services and they can cost money by the side of time. Other time, they are selective in matching.

Cold Calls

Cold calling a developer is the smallest amount effectual way to become a job interview, but it does composition. The end it is so ineffective in broad-spectrum is with the aim of nearly everyone individuals will scarcely throw a resume and cover note and leave it by the side of with the aim of. You ought to be persistent though. Developers exist across the United States and Europe and will often declare needs with the aim of don’t require a major personal ad or call representing employees. To become in place representing folks roles, you ought to arrange by hand as a persistent, highly skill vision. Main developers like Vivendi, EA, Activision Blizzard, THQ, Acclaim, and Sony are all looking representing contemporary employees evenly.

References and Contracting

Some less significant development companies will outsource their less significant needs concerning projects. Rather than hiring devoted workers, they will pick up programmers representing small projects or testers on sites like VWorker.Com and vet them with the aim of way. If you work out a competent job, however, these onetime projects can revolve into returning composition with the aim of will help you develop a portfolio and eventually a undeviating arrange.

Getting a job in the game industry is not comfortable. It takes persistence, experience, and thick skin for the reason that you’ll be rejected a allocation. But if you depart in with the confidence with the aim of you can work out a competent job representing these companies, you’ll eventually secure with the aim of job you’ve been dreaming of.

Find the companies with the aim of are nearly everyone likely to take a look by the side of your resume and let somebody have you the instance of period. Visit Beta Gaming Testers nowadays representing more in a row.


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Defining Your Motivation

Motivation is an internal energy force that determines all aspects of our behaviour; it also impacts on how we think, feel and interact with others. In sport, high motivation is widely accepted as an essential prerequisite in getting athletes to fulfill their potential.

It is that thing which prompts a person to act in a certain way, whereas energy is the amount of effort that is available to a person for acting in a certain way. It is widely believed that motivation brings forth energy, and also that healthy adults have sufficient energy to accomplish their goals; hence, the lack of energy is typically interpreted as indicating insufficient motivation to achieve some goal or complete a task. This is usually good if you really and truly believe you stand a chance.

Motivation is often based on emotions, specifically, on the search for positive emotional experiences and the avoidance of negative ones. It’s an external source which encourages you and gives you ideas. Inspiration comes from within and the encouragement and ideas are your own. It is the interplay of inherent, learned, and social factors. The individual combines these to produce their own way of seeing the world, which they seek to confirm, succeed and achieve.

Achievement falls under a need for power or will and is closely linked to leadership, whereas competition motivation falls under a basic desire for vengeance and is closely linked with aggressiveness. Achieving a full understanding of the reasons of self-motivating and mastering ways of obtaining it can lead to vast improvement in ones life.

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How To Find A Financial Advisor For Equity Capital Raising And Financial Aids

Business equity financing or “equity capital raising” basically refers to the process of selling complete or partial ownership interests in exchange of capital, in order to achieve profits in any form of business. Often, when you run a large-scale business, there are times when you fall short of funds. In such cases, you feel tied and confused. Although you have plenty of ideas and profitable strategies however lack of funds is dooming it. These are the times when you need to find trustworthy people who are ready to purchase partial ownership rights of business.

There are plenty of Multinational firms that manage private equity services on various terms however you cannot hook up with any random person. Equity financing involves transfer of management rights or selling a part of your profit to a third party and if you end up with a con artist, you might lose your claim over investments and returns in future.

This case is more persistent when you talk about big enterprises. In case you find yourself stuck in one of these situations, you should immediately consult a professional financial advisor for help. Seeking a professional financial advice influences your business in a positive manner. It determines your chances of success and failure plus your long term strategies.

Generally, fresher encounter many issues related to budget planning, resource utilization, share handling and monitoring the ups and downs of stock markets. Therefore, it becomes necessary to hire an experienced finance advisor who can provide effective stock tips for beginners.

Now the question arises that how to find a financial advisor who can draw plenty of profits for your business? Well you need to consider certain factors here.

– Firstly, the professional selected by you should be dedicated, decisive, judicious, skilled and knowledgeable. You cannot judge a person on all these ground but his previous records reflect these qualities so make it a point to hire reputed and established finance advisors!

– If you’re working in Indian market you should remember that Indian stock market is fluctuating in nature so you need a skilled advisor that can offer practical Indian share market tips. This quality comes with experience so hire a seasoned advisor only!

– A resourceful and understanding professional will try to comprehend all aspects of business planning including taxes, insurance needs, investments, returns and other financial aspects hence, you need a versatile advisor who can figure out the status of your business.

– Lastly, budget plays an important role in finalizing your deal so make sure you seek expert advice at reasonable rates.

There are plenty of financial service providers in India. You simply need to determine your requirements in order to find a suitable person!

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Do You Know What You Should Look For in an Insurance Agent?

So you find yourself in the market for an insurance agent. Congratulations! You are making a very wise choice. Insurance protects us from disasters that we would otherwise have a tremendously hard time recovering from, and your wise choice to seek out insurance will pay off with great peace of mind. In this particular post we would like to offer you some suggestions for what you should look. These ideas happen to be:

Most states regulate their insurance agents. They do this to make sure that you, the customer, will obtain the very best info on the insurance products you wish to purchase. You should ask to take a look at the agent’s insurance license. Make sure that it is current.

Find out the number of companies the agent represents. If the agent represents many companies then they can pick and choose the insurance policy that best suits your needs and budget.

How did you find out about this agent? Did you happen to learn about him from someone you respect and trust? A wonderful recommendation can go a long way.

Does the insurance agent belong to any trade organizations? This is often a sign of professionalism and their commitment to continuing education. Make sure that the insurance agent is on board with learning more about insurance products as they come on the market.

Ask about the insurance agent’s involvement in the local community. Do they happen to belong to any special organizations or involve themselves with any volunteer activities? This may often translate into a better understanding and commitment to the hopes of the customer.

So there you have it, some things to consider when shopping for an insurance agent. With a little homework on your part you will be well on your way to starting a relationship that will benefit you greatly in the years to come. Best of luck!

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5 Tips To Writing A Good Business Plan

Starting up a business is an exciting time, but writing a business plan can seem daunting initially. However, being able to write a good business plan is an essential skill to have for any entrepreneur or new business looking to increase their chance of survival.

1) Identify your audience. A good business plan should be written from the prospective of the audience. First, you need to decide on the purpose the plan. Are you trying to persuade an investor to take on your project or communicate the future plans for the company? The purpose of the business plan will affect the style and content so make sure you are clear on this before beginning. A good business plan needs to be tailored to the specific requirements of the target audience in order to be engaging.

2) Do your research. In order to be able to write a strong, comprehensive business plan you need to possess a sound knowledge of the market you are involved in. You need to actively conduct market research and ensure that your plan makes reference to your findings. It should include factors such as market size, the predicted growth path of said market and how you propose to gain access to it. For example, if you are planning on opening a bar then your business plan should include figures based on the local population, cost of suppliers, predictions about whether the bar industry is likely to grow or decline in the area and a review of the competitive environment.

3) Assess your competition. Understanding your competition is an essential component to understanding any business environment. Whatever the business you are looking to establish, you will always have competition in varying degrees. Perhaps you want to open a restaurant in an area that is already saturated with eateries; you then need to think about what is the unique selling point of your restaurant. Or maybe you have found a niche in the market, why is that? In order to make your business a success you should look to your competitors to see how they are managing their business or areas where they could improve. You also need to assess whether you can compete effectively with the existing businesses and how you plan to do so.

4) Attention to detail. A plan that is concise and clear reads professionally so don’t make yours too wordy. The reader needs enough detail and information to be able to make an informed decision. As with all professional documents, care must be taken to avoid spelling mistakes and use correct grammar and punctuation. A plan that makes absurd or unrealistic assumptions is of no use so stick to the facts and make sure you are making credible projections and accurate content at all times.

5) Cover all bases. Before embarking on your plan it is a good idea to undertake some research in to what a professional business plan should include. You can then use this as a check list to make sure you have covered all the relevant areas. Sections of the business plan should include information on the company, the product/service market, competition in the field, management team, marketing strategy, operations and financials.

Once you have done all this you should have a complete and detailed professional business plan. The most important thing to remember when developing the plan is to see it as a living document and include specifics regarding dates and specific responsibilities. Your plan will need constant reviews and updates and things change so expect it to be a work in process for a good stretch of time. It will all be worth it in the end, a well-written plan will help ensure that the business is fully focused on what is required to achieve the company’s goal.

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How to Dress Your Child For Indoor Ice Skating

Most indoor ice skating rinks maintain a temperature between 45 and 60 degrees, depending on the temperature outside. When you are dressing your child for ice skating lessons or free skating at the ice rink, your first challenge will be warmth.

Skaters will be exercising strenuously, so it is important to dress your child in thin layers that can be removed easily as their bodies warm up. Avoid dressing your child in a bulky winter coat, as heavy coats make it difficult to move freely. A warm turtleneck under a warm, close-fitting sweater will keep your child warmer than a winter coat, and will permit free movement.

Many girls want to wear a skating dress. If you plan to have your daughter take lessons, then a simple skating dress and tights may be a good investment. However, if she is simply going to skate recreationally now and then, this might not be an investment you want to make.

Close fitting sweat pants or zipped wind pants are good choices for both boys and girls. Jeans do not have much ability to stretch, they easily absorb moisture, and they are very slow to dry, which makes them a less optimum choice for skating.

One of the most important parts of your skater’s wardrobe should be a comfortable pair of thin, seamless socks. A sock with seams can rub against the foot and cause blisters. Because skate boots are designed to be tight, thick socks can squeeze the foot and reduce circulation, which will make your child’s feet feel cold more quickly.

If you child will be renting ice skates, bring along a thicker pair of socks to wear over the thin pair to provide extra padding in case the rented rink skates don’t fit perfectly or are well-worn.

For several reasons skaters should always wear gloves. Gloves obviously will keep a skater’s hands warm. They also provide some protection in case of a fall on the ice or if another skater runs into a child who has fallen.

A warm wool hat will keep your skater’s head and ears warm. Avoid any head covering that could impair your skater’s vision. “Hoodies” or parka hoods should be avoided.

For the same reason, skaters should never wear scarves, which can obstruct vision or catch a skate. Many rinks prohibit any kind of scarf on the ice.

Girls should always have their hair pulled back or restrained, so that it cannot get into the eyes.

Avoid letting your skater wear jewelry. Most rinks prohibit any kind of jewelry, which can break and fall onto the ice and trip another skater.

And finally a note to parents of boys: Boys will be extremely uncomfortable if they are asked to wear white skates. If you have inherited a pair of white skates that fit your boy, either dye them black (black shoe polish will also work, but it can be messy), or cover them with black skate covers. Your son will skate much more confidently if he “fits in” with the other boys at the rink.

If your child will be taking ice skating lessons, you can observe what the other students are wearing before the first lesson and talk to the coach about appropriate clothing for lessons.

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All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE)

Do you know how many students appeared in 2006 All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) in 2006? Well, about 525,000 to be precise, out of which about 45,000 were called for counseling.

What is AIEEE?

AIEEE is a engineering entrance examination and the students willing to make it to the top notch engineering colleges in indianite is an All India Common Entrance Examination for Admission to undergraduate degree Programs in the field of Engineering, Technology, Pharmacy and Architecture in various colleges in India. The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India had taken a policy decision to conduct an All India Engineering Entrance Examination in 2002 (AIEEE-2002) with a view to minimize the difficulties being experienced by the candidates and their guardians arising due to a large number of entrance examinations being conducted for admission to undergraduate degree programme in the areas referred above. It is normally conducted in the month of May every year.

AIEEETop Rankers are called for counseling for admission to 19 National Institute of Technology (NIT’s). All candidates are eligible either for central counseling or state-specific or category-specific counseling on basis of their All India Ranking (AIR). Counseling for SC/ST candidates and SC/ST physically handicapped candidates is done on the first two days of counseling. Then the physically handicapped in the Open (OP) category are counseled. Candidates are ranked on an All India basis and also according to their state. Thus, they have an All India Rank (AIR) and a state rank. A central analysis structure is offered for filling up the accessible seats all over India. For the convenience of candidates, provision for on-line submission of Application Form has also been made.

Who is Eligible to appear for AIEEE?

In 2006, the minimum academic qualification for admission through AIEEE was a pass in the final examination of 10+2 (Class XII), or its equivalent, referred to as the qualifying examination. Those appearing in 10+2 (Class XII) final, or equivalent, examination with results not declared could also appear in counseling. Such candidates were admitted provisionally, subject to the submission of proof of passing in qualifying examination latest by September 15, 2006 at the allotted institution. In case they could not comply with this deadline for providing the proof of passing in the qualifying examination, their admission will stand cancelled.

AIEEE Test Pattern

Students opting for B.Tech are tested in physics, mathematics and chemistry. The test duration is 3 hours with maximum marks 540, with equal weight age of 180 for each of the three subjects. Students opting for B.Arch are tested in mathematics and an aptitude test. Most of the questions are based on fundamentals & their applications. So, the first step is to establish a solid base by mastering the fundamentals. For mastering the fundamentals you have to be focused.

AIEEE Test Preparation

There are many Coaching Institutes in India providing coaching for AIEEE. Brilliant Tutorials, PACE Academy, Career Point, Kota are some of them. There are a few institutes which provide Correspondence Courses also. Online sites offering AIEEE mock test have also been launched recently. AIEEE Test Preparation Question Bank CDs for Practice are also in huge demand.

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Software Development Jobs for Felons – Tips on Finding Felony Friendly Jobs in Software Development

The best jobs for felons are those that pay well and are in great demand. Software development is an industry where there are many promising job opportunities for felons. It is a good career choice right now because jobs in software development and its related fields are expected to grow in number (30 percent growth) a lot faster than the average for all occupations from 2008 to 2016, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you have what it takes, software development can provide great jobs for felons.

Software development is the entire process of conceptualizing, designing, modifying, maintaining and all other activities that result in software products. There are bachelor’s degrees and associate degrees for the study of software development.

Jobs in this field include:

  • software/applications developer
  • software engineer
  • software applications engineer
  • software administrator
  • IT programmer
  • IT assistant
  • database programmer
  • application development help desk support
  • …and many others.

The advantages of a career in these fields include good pay, great demand for both new and experienced workers and the many paths to career advancement. Regarding the work itself, most companies do not micromanage their staff. Software developers are expected to manage their own work.

However, software development jobs for felons also have disadvantages. Most of the time, IT companies will care more about what you can do for them than any mistakes you may have made in the past. On the other hand, sometimes software developers will handle sensitive information and not all clients may be comfortable with ex-felons having access to their database.

This career is good for felons who have analytical minds, are good in math and have a passion for computers and technology. Long-term, a software developer has to be willing to learn new things. Cutting-edge technical skills today will no longer be cutting-edge five years from now. So if you don’t want to have to constantly learn new things, this isn’t the right career for you.

Software development is a very technical job for felons so plan on getting formal education – either a bachelor’s degree or at the very least a two year course.

Your classes won’t teach you everything you need to know so be prepared to buy some books and study on your own.

Do some work while studying so you can put something good on your resume. Volunteer work for non-profit organizations, freelance work, summer/seasonal jobs, internships or even your own projects are good ways to gain valuable experience.

Start networking as soon as you possibly can. With your record you may have more difficulty finding a good job compared to graduates who have a clean record. Join clubs or organizations where you can meet people who may be able to help you find jobs for convicted felons in IT.

Jobs for Convicted Felons: How to Boost Your Chances of Getting a Job

Consult a lawyer and look into expungement if it is at all possible. Once your record has been expunged you won’t need to inform an employer about any expunged information.

Be smart and know what to answer in job applications. Do some research on privacy, employment and anti-discrimination laws in your state. Some states have laws that forbid employers from asking about some offenses or offenses that are over a specific number of years old. You may not need to mention arrests that did not result in a conviction.

Get a copy of your criminal background check so you know what your employer will see when you apply for a job.

Networking can really help you a lot. You will be able to get the best jobs for felon by getting referrals, recommendations and advice from your contacts, especially those who are in the IT business.

To sum up, software development is a good career path for felons because it pays well and it is a growing industry that has many job opportunities for felons. You will have to complete a course of study in software development to apply for jobs for felons in software development. Software development jobs for felons are an excellent choice for those who have an aptitude for mathematics and an interest in information technology.

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